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Developing Therapeutics to Improve Drug Safety


Drug Side Effects



Sinopia Biosciences has developed a proprietary, state-of-the art systems biology and bioinformatics platform to study the efficacy and safety of therapeutics at an unprecedented level of biochemical detail.


Therapeutic Areas

Parkinson’s Disease

Levodopa is the most effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease but has long-term liabilities including its main side effect levodopa induced dyskinesia. Using Sinopia’s platform, we determined the pathways that are implicated in levodopa’s beneficial effects and dyskinesia. We have identified a drug repurposing small molecule with a unique mechanism of action that selectively potentiates levodopa’s beneficial effects without causing dyskinesia. In multiple preclinical efficacy experiments, this compound shows consistent and unparelleled potency. Further, the compound in combination with low dose levodopa can fully treat rodent symptoms in chronic administration without inducing dyskinesias.

Transfusion Medicine

Red blood cells and platelets are integral blood products for modern medicine with nearly 100 million units transfused per year. These cells undergo biochemical, physicochemical, and morphological changes during storage that may affect the quality and safety of transfusion. Sinopia’s platform has aided in better understanding the breakdown of these cells and we are pursuing novel media solutions to ameliorate these issues to improve safety and efficacy of transfusions.